How to book a magician and how to choose the right magician.

Choosing the right magician for your event is an important factor. Here are some Top Tips on how to choose a good magician.

One thing you must certainly do is request videos of their previous work If you haven't already found them online and spend time reading about that person. The things to look out for is how busy they seem to be, the type of events that they perform at,  do you like their appearance, style of magic and most of all their personality. 

Choosing a magician that has a good range of illusions and tricks is important. Some magicians only perform card tricks whereas the more experienced magicians create magic, suspense, mystery, illusions and above all fun and excitement with a range of objects including those bothered from your guests. 

There are two types of magicians.

Stage magician..... with the larger effects but they are better suited at events that is just to watch the magic such as a theatre where that is the only thing that you have gone to do and watch. Stage magic will make your guests feel they will have to watch whether they want to or not as it will take over the room.

Close-up Magician ........  often referred to as a table magician. This type of magician is great for celebrations and events where they will wonder about and entertain around the tables, bar area, lounge area or outside weather permitting. This is a great style of entertainment as it doesn't take over your event and steal your limelight and lets people talk, have fun, dance and free to wander around. This style of magician is fantastic for weddings, birthdays, charity events, corporate events and even in your own home to wander around or do a close up show for you.

Some magicians will only have a 10, 15 or maybe a 20 minute routine which they repeat around the room and not many will have enough material and expertise to carry out dinner parties where the guests are seated on one table or be capable to do a parlour show in other words a mini show that is an up close intimate show for a smaller to medium group for an hour or longer. Again a professional and experienced Magician will be able to do the above.

It is also very important for you to read their reviews (and as many as possible)  and make sure they are from genuine people and not something that a Magician could've written themselves. Facebook is good for this as you can see the reviews are all from different people rather than something that could've been copied and pasted. 

It's a great idea to make or request a telephone call or even better a video call so you can judge how you and the magician get on and also to check that you are happy with their mannerisms and personality.

Having a magician at your event will really help keep the electric atmosphere alive and is great fun from ages and on that note it is important for such events as weddings, corporate events, older birthday parties, charity events and dinner parties etc That you get a professional adult entertainer rather than a children's entertainer that does the occasional magic for adults. 

If a magician is full-time that is a good sign as they are that successful and gain that many bookings that they are able to do their entertainment alone and not as second job where you will often find their experience and entertainment skills aren't as highly polished or confident as a proffissonal full time magician. 

The quotes you receive will be varied and be quite different in price and as always you often get what you pay for. It is always worth paying that little extra to get something extra special from a true professional.  Having said this a if you receive quite that is considerably higher, double or triple other quotes this needs to be questioned too.  Some magicians tend to charge higher fees so that they can do less gigs. 

A busy magician with lots of reviews and videos for you to view will be an excellent magician. Don't be fooled by a magician who has only one, two or just a few videos that have been professionally edited together the best reaction clips and if you come across one of these styles of video then ensure you watch their other videos too with them performing illusions from start to finish and that way you can see how they introduces an Illusion, keep the audience entertained during it and the natural reaction as the trick comes to its surprise ending. 

I hope the above guide and information help you choose the best magician for you event. If you have any questions please do get in touch. 

I wish you all the very best.

Darren Brand Magician.